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Spotlight on the Resilience Collection

In our last blog entry, we introduced you to the stunning new arrivals from our latest Resilience Collection. However, the few pieces we showcased barely scratch the surface of this versatile series. Each item is crafted with innovative wearability, meaning "play" here refers to how you can fashion each piece to your liking.


Today, let's talk about the jewel in the crown of our collection based on value for money: the Akoya Saltwater Pearl 18K Gold Diamond Infinity Loop Long Sweater


Crafted with Akoya saltwater pearls, natural diamonds, and 18k solid gold, this piece is bestowed with timeless appeal, ready to be cherished and even passed down to the next generation. A must-have in any jewelry box for all ages, this high-quality piece embodies the concept of inheritance – a necklace for life.

This necklace alone boasts 10 different wearing options - it's virtually getting ten pieces for the price of one. Undoubtedly, it's the MVP in terms of value in our entire series.

Let's talk about its versatility:


The Full-Length Classic: Draping around 78cm, it’s a testament to timeless grace in white and gold, where pearls and diamonds offer a relaxed yet refined elegance.


The Y-Statement: When the occasion demands grandeur, this necklace, with its striking style enriched by the tradition of pearls, is an infallible choice.


The Extendable Touch: Use the metal loop with the trailing pearl as an extension for any necklace in your arsenal – yes, it embraces nearly all other chains, and we show it paired with a sleek herringbone chain.


The Traditional Long Pearl: Utilize the leftover pearl strand from the second style for that stately, long pearl necklace look that never goes out of vogue.


The Highlight Piece: Spotlight the metal loop and the end pearl as the main attraction – even the simplest chain doubled up makes this intricate segment the focal point of your ensemble.


The Pendant Play: Attach any pendant you love to the pearl strand for an elegant look that elongates your silhouette.


The Double Choker: Wrap the chain twice around the neck for a chic choker that looks stunning from every angle.


The Layered Affair: Pair the pearl strand with other necklaces for a tiered, textured look that adds depth and intrigue to your outfit.


The Daily Diamond: A diamond-encrusted gold loop, thick and intricate, stands alone as a pendant necklace – the most exceptional (and luxurious) link in the chain.


The Wrist Wrap: Last but not least, loop the metal and pearl segment onto your wrist for a sumptuous bracelet – perfect to dabble beyond typical neckwear.


This Resilience Collection piece epitomizes flexibility and creativity in jewelry design. Echoing the collection's inspiration, it showcases softness in its persevering capability to connect, breaking away from stereotypes and narrating a tale of strength in softness, with an open and unlimited embrace.


Truly, our Akoya Saltwater Pearl 18K Gold Diamond Infinity Loop Long Sweater Chain Necklace is not only an accessory but a hymn to the limitless forms that resilience can take. A toast to creativity without confines and a celebration of the gentle force within us all.