Welcome Spring with 2024’s Enchanting New Jewelry Collection

Spring is not just a season; it’s a colorful invitation to revitalize your wardrobe with some sparkling additions.

And what better way to embrace this vibrant season than by adorning yourself with new, exquisite jewelry from 2024’s latest Spring collection?

HELAS continues to celebrate the beauty of nature with its new 2024 MONET GARDEN COLLECTION, drawing inspiration from the ever-vibrant and eternal beauty of Monet’s Gardens.

This collection is a breathtaking homage to nature’s perpetual bloom, with each piece a testament to the garden’s everlasting vitality.

The Dragonfly and Mother-of-pearl Set: A Dance of Nature


Imagine the delicate flutter of dragonfly wings caught in a gleam of sunlight—this is the vision encapsulated in the first set of our collection.

Mother-of-pearl 18K Gold Diamond Whole Dragonfly Set, with its necklace, brooch, and two pairs of earrings showcasing dragonflies at different angles, is a celebration of detailed craftsmanship.


Sculpted in 18K gold, adorned with natural diamonds, and featuring iridescent mother-of-pearl wings, each dragonfly piece captures the exquisite beauty and shimmering lightness of these ethereal creatures. This set ensures that at any angle, the wearer carries the delicate allure and brilliance of spring.


The Whole Butterfly Mother-Of-Pearl Suite: Blossoms in Flight


The second suite is as breathtaking as a garden in full bloom, featuring a necklace, a bracelet, and a ring that epitomizes the grace of butterflies.

The Whole Butterfly Mother-Of-Pearl series brings to life the full, vivacious wings of these beautiful beings, complete with a subtle design that imbues them with the appearance of gentle fluttering.


Wearing these pieces is akin to having your very own springtime ballet, with each movement bringing the butterflies to life.

The Diamond Flower Core Dainty Series: Delicately bloom


For those who delight in the details, the Diamond Flower Core Dainty series is a dream come true.

Crafted entirely from 18K pure gold, this collection comprises a necklace, a bracelet, and a ring that captures the essence of spring’s delicate yet bold spirit.


The detailed craftsmanship of each piece speaks directly to the heart of detail enthusiasts, making it impossible not to fall in love with this series.

Aside from these captivating sets, the collection also introduces unique pieces like the Akoya Pearl 18K Gold Ear Stud Ear Thread Drop Earring Chains, which allow for endless DIY styling possibilities.


One encapsulates the essence of spring: the 18K Gold Diamond Butterfly Shot Pendant Necklace.  This exquisite piece is not just a necklace; it’s a keeper of stories, a guardian of this vibrant season, and a collector of beautiful memories created within it. Surrounded by a halo of diamonds, the pendant doesn’t just capture a butterfly but the very essence of spring itself.


Complementing this stunning necklace are the meticulously designed 18K Gold Diamond Butterfly Hollow Ear Studs Earrings. With their delicate 18K pure gold lines crafting the intricate patterns of butterfly wings, these earrings bring the beauty of nature to life.


The collection also features the adorable Akoya Pearl 18K Gold Diamond Dandelion Ear Studs Earrings and the exclusively designed Akoya Pearl 18K Gold Diamond Butterfly Diamond Ear Hooks Earrings—each a perfect complement to your spring wardrobe.



For those seeking a layered look, the Akoya Pearls 18K Gold Butterfly Diamond Necklace can be beautifully paired with other mother-of-pearl necklaces for an effortlessly chic, layered aesthetic.


Embrace this season with HELAS 2024’s captivating creations and carry a piece of everlasting spring with you.