Stunning New Arrivals!

Welcome to the latest from HELAS Jewelry!

We are thrilled to introduce two new variations of our Akoya Saltwater Pearl 18K White Gold Balance Beam Diamond Necklace.

3 color

Building upon the foundation of our original 18K white gold design, we have added options in 18K yellow gold and 18K rose gold, offering a wider array of choices for our most popular jewelry piece.

18K rose gold


Crafted from Akoya saltwater pearls, natural diamonds, and 18K gold, these necklaces boast not only exquisite materials but also a unique design feature.

unique design feature

The four pearls are aligned in a row, with the ability to adjust the side pearl, allowing for the necklace to be worn either in its full-length style or as a choker.

18k yellow gold

This modern and versatile design is a must-have addition to any collection.

3 color