Pearls, the Epitome of Grace: 1920s’ COLLECTION

  Art Deco-style jewelry, born in the 1920s, embodies a timeless elegance. It celebrates the essence of pure lines, liberating one's individuality and embracing a sense of freedom. It resonates with those who understand their desires, choosing their own path towards beauty and passionately pursuing what they love.

Nostalgic Waltz:

Step into the rhythmic elegance of the 1920s,
Where diamonds and light twirl in perfect harmony,
Vintage romance, rich in opulence and grace,
A symphony of beauty, whispered through time.


Pearls sway to the rhythm of sparkling diamonds, a captivating dance by the ear.
Vintage meets modern, a harmonious blend of opulence and grace.
With simplicity adorned, no need for excessive flourish,
Radiate enchantment effortlessly with every captivating pace.


Layers of diamond brilliance surround the lustrous Akoya pearl.
The radiance of pearls and diamonds twinkle with the rhythm of a waltz.
Capturing silent elegance on your fingertips, revealing a graceful and enchanting


Noble Lavender:

Adorn your ears with the emblem of steadfast love, the iris flower.
Diamonds trace the graceful petals, embracing lustrous pearls.
Classic yet versatile, captivating every occasion


Pearls reflect the brilliance of dazzling diamonds,
Resembling the shimmering light of the Seine River.
Capture the elegance, vintage charm, and modern sophistication of Paris around your neck.
Impeccable craftsmanship and luxurious materials suit every important occasion.

The iris flower is a classic symbol of the bridal bouquet in European aristocratic weddings.
Diamonds and pearls encapsulate unwavering love in the language of jewelry,
Romantic and elegant, bestowing sweet wishes upon the bride.


Who Is Mary:

Inspired by Mary, the courageous and independent leading lady of Downton Abbey,
326 genuine diamonds set in 18K gold, adorned with intricately crafted scalloped edges,
90% well-matched, hand-selected large-sized saltwater pearls,
All to recreate a grand and magnificent 1920s feast,
Perpetuating the eternal beauty of the modern woman.


Inspired by the determined and intelligent Mary of Downton Abbey,
Akoya pearl necklace exuding an innate aristocratic charm,
Vintage-inspired clasp with diamond-carved texture,
Effortlessly imbue an effortless grace and regal aura,
A graceful companion for important occasions.


This is the heartfelt inspiration behind our "1920s-" series, a reimagining of Art Deco's essence in harmony with the modern woman. We honor the pursuit of beauty and love, creating pieces that are as unique and everlasting as the Art Deco era itself.