Embrace the Allure of Black Spinel & Tanzanite: The Perfect Summer Gems

In the mesmerizing world of gemstones, each treasure that Earth yields carries its own story and symbolism, resonating with unique energies that captivate and inspire. Today, we delve into two gems that stand out for their beauty and depth of meaning: Black Spinel and Tanzanite.

The Protective Allure of Black Spinel


Often overshadowed by more renowned stones, Black Spinel is a hidden gem with compelling properties. It gleams with an opaque darkness that captures the eye, radiating an intensity as profound as the night sky. But beyond its beauty lies a trove of significance.

Black Spinel is associated with protection, a guardian against negative influences. Ancient lore suggests that it helps repel resentment and sadness, allowing the wearer to remain grounded while confronting life's challenges. It is said to aid in rejuvenation, providing a sense of empowerment and resilience. This makes it the perfect symbol to epitomize personal strength and renewal.

The Calming Elegance of Tanzanite


With its kaleidoscope of blues and purples, Tanzanite is akin to a twilight sky. It's not merely the unique color spectrum that sets it apart but also the gem’s calming presence which echoes the tranquility of the vast oceans and the grandeur of the savannahs from where it hails.

The gem symbolizes poise and peace. It is credited with the ability to foster introspection, inviting serenity into the wearer's life. Tanzanite serves as a reminder to take a breath, let go of the hectic and embrace the gentle flow of life.

Our Latest Creations

As we champion the individual essence of Black Spinel and Tanzanite, HELAS is proud to marry these gems with the ever-graceful Akoya Saltwater Pearls in our newest necklaces.


The Akoya Saltwater Pearl 18K Black Spinel Smile Necklace - here, pearls trail in a whimsical 'smile,' set against the backdrop of protective Black Spinel.


The Akoya Saltwater Pearl 18K Black Spinel Baby's Breath Necklace - delicately scattered pearls remind one of the tender blooms, making it an ideal ensemble for summer’s various moods.


The Baroque Saltwater Pearl 18K Gold Tanzanite Baby's Breath Necklace - embraces the cool tanzanite tones perfect for a refreshing summer statement.


The Baroque Pearl 18K Tanzanite Unique Design Necklace - is a testament to the ability to remain unique and stand out, imbued with the tranquil aura of Tanzanite.


Lastly, for fans of simplicity and radiance, the Akoya Saltwater Pearl 18K Gold Diamond H-shaped Luster Bead Chain Necklace graces the neckline with understated opulence, ready to shimmer through the sultry summer days.

The convergence of Black Spinel's depth and Tanzanite's cool serenity with the timeless Akoya Pearl forms a symphony of aesthetics perfect for this season. Whether you're attending summer galas or strolling beachfront, these pieces not only complement your wardrobe but add a layer of personal symbolism.