Celebrate in Style


  Celebrating our Vine Collection winning Silver at the Melbourne Design Awards and Gold at the London Design Awards.


  Inspired by natural philosophy, the designer crafted a stunning jewelry piece that deconstructs the "vine" symbolizing infinite life force.

  The piece embodies the wisdom, tenacity, and beauty of the new generation of women, representing growth and self-exploration that shapes the future through perseverance. 

  The Vine Collection chooses smooth and natural artistic curves to show the beauty of growing vines and women’s curvy bodies.The shining diamonds are set along the curves with soft pearls at the end, providing a sense of balance and harmony for the whole look, which stands for a perfect match of strength and beauty.

  Inspired by pearls, diamonds, and growing vines, this collection aims to show the gentle but powerful characteristics of women, as well as their self-growing journey. Through the combination of these three elements, we encourage women to be brave enough to take up life challenges, refuse to set limitations for themselves, stay true to their hearts and keep moving forward. In other words, women can be the “bright pearl” that they want to be.

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