Best-selling Collections and Their Inspirations


     The inspiration came from the white-capped waves suddenly appearing on the sea surface that designers saw. The surface appears calm, with only a few splashes of foam, but in reality, there are turbulent waves underneath with lurking dangers.



     Inspired by“The Legend of 1900.” Combining pearls and 18K solid gold, it represents the wearer's artistic, agile, and transcendent side, symbolizing artistic independence.



     Inspired by the planets’ journey around the sun, symbolized by a glowing pearl chain. It represents a steadfast and orderly spirit that never stops shining from within.



     Inspired by moonlit reflections on the sea, the design features a calm and serene aura. A moon-like pearl floats above a diamond-like rippling water surface. Pure, shiny diamonds enhance the pearl's soft glow, emitting a gentle power in stillness.



     According to legend, "only the tears shed by mermaids when they are moved can turn into beautiful pearls. And girls who possess mermaid tears will forever retain their purity and beauty." Designers cleverly use the gradient of pearl sizes to depict the moment when tears are about to fall, trying to capture the precious mermaid tears and offer them to every girl who longs for beauty.



     Features magnificent South Sea pearls that reflect sunlight and scatter it upon the body, just like a cozy afternoon memory filled with warm sunshine. Designers uses their work to depict silent natural phenomena and imbue memories with emotional colors. This collection is simple yet elegant, capturing the warmth and radiance of the sun.



     Crafted with inspiration from a breathtaking eight-pointed star, the designer used diamonds to represent hope and pearls to symbolize femininity. The combination evokes a warm and subtle radiance, much like the glimmer of stars in the night sky.



     The Links collection, which connects nature, pearls, and women, is accompanied by a powerful beauty of sparkling golden knots with diamonds. The gentle and quiet pearls interpret women's introverted and wordless personalities, expressing a resilient and strong attitude towards life with their gorgeous luster.



     The percentage of love involves deeply loving the other person while also ensuring that some love is reserved for oneself. Designers draw inspiration from the mathematical world's symbol of "%", using a symbol to convey the possibility of ideal love. "I" and "we" become complete through mutual blending, creating an intuitive relationship where both parties are bound by love yet remain independent. The depth of love for one another must coexist with self-love.



     This piece draws inspiration from the Baroque pearls nurtured in the depths of the ocean. Imperfect shapes and inconsistent colors redefine the concept of pearls. Unique luster and curves bestowed by nature reflect a one-of-a-kind radiance. We firmly believe that no one is absolutely perfect, yet each person is a unique individual. As long as we pursue our true selves with determination and resilience, we can create a perfect life for ourselves.

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