HELAS Brand Story and Pearl Craft Material

“Faced with the luxury jewelry with a 10+ times price premium, I tried seeking exquisite yet affordable saltwater pearl fine jewelry, but gradually realized that it was very challenging. Therefore, I was more determined to found HELAS.”

------ Founder: Carmen


HELAS is founded on “The Pearlosophy”, a philosophy that embraces the natural beauty and life force of pearls. Through our jewelry designs, we seek to create a connection between nature, pearls, and women, interpreting the strength and resilience of life with every piece we create.

Inspired By Nature

Nature thrives and perseveres with an infinite wellspring of inner strength and resilience. Even after enduring countless trials and tribulations, nature possesses a powerful restorative ability and self-regulating capacity, engaging in a gentle yet steadfast dialogue with all things to sustain balance and growth. Inspired by the wondrous power of nature, HELAS seeks to integrate jewelry design with the natural world, exploring the strength of nature and life itself.

Pearl Redefined

Pearls are a natural jewel that symbolizes resilience, strength, and depth of character, representing fearlessness, perseverance, and growth. Their formation is a challenging and lengthy process, requiring years of polishing and nourishment deep beneath the ocean’s surface. Only after enduring countless storms and abrasions can pearls become unique and exquisite natural treasures, radiating with a beautiful luster. HELAS is committed to shattering traditional perceptions of pearls and redefining the vitality and beauty of pearl life from the perspective of a new generation of women. They see pearls as embodying a gentle yet resilient strength, continuously honed and polished over time, ultimately radiating a brilliant and powerful luster.

 Be Your Bright Pearl

The journey of a woman’s growth is like the process of pearl cultivation. The new generation of women fearlessly faces life’s challenges and refuses to be defined by conventional labels. They are quiet and restrained, yet they possess strong resilience. Continuously fueled by their inner strength, they take solid actions one step at a time, forging ahead despite the waves. With the compounding effect of time and effort, they become the “pearls” they aspire to be.

Sustainability is an integral part of our brand philosophy. We source our pearls from carefully selected suppliers who adhere to ethical and responsible practices. Our pearls are not only beautiful but also of the highest quality, ensuring that they can be treasured for a lifetime.


As a brand, we aim to redefine the pearl’s role in modern luxury. Our minimalist and timeless designs reflect our belief in affordable luxury that stands the test of time. At HELAS, we are passionate about creating jewelry that is as unique and individual as the women who wear them. Each piece is a testament to the beauty and resilience of life, and we hope to inspire our customers to embrace their own inner strength and beauty.


The jewelry craftsman with 30 years of experience
23 rigorous processes for selecting and crafting jewelry
5 inspection processes for pearl jewelry

Handpicked only top 1% of pearls
18k gold
Selected diamonds

Original classic design
Elegant yet resilient
Stands the test of time

We believe that true beauty lies in the intricate details and expert craftsmanship of every piece. Our team of skilled artisans works tirelessly to ensure that every design is a masterpiece, crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail.

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