Ring Size Guide

How To Measure Your Ring Size At Home?

Ring size is as important as the ring itself. A graceful and comfortable fit will enhance the bond to that elegant ring.Hélas will not give up until you are satisfied in all aspects, therefore we offer free resizing to your product. Custom or modified products (special orders that have been designed and/or produced to customer specifications) are not eligible for free resizing.

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Find Your Ring Size 

Step1.Cut a thin strip of paper or thread Wrap the paper/thread around your finger  

Step 2.Make the spot where the paper/thread meets

Step 3. Measure the length of the paper/thread with your ruler, then use the following chart to detemine your ring size



                                                   Measurement unit(mm)
Size #9 #10 #11 #12 #13 #14 #15 #16 #17
Ring Diameter 15.0 15.4 15.9 15.9 16.3 16.9 16.9 17.7 18.0
Ring's Inside Circumference 46.8 48.3 49.9 49.9 52.4 53.0 54.3 55.6 56.5